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Jagdish Kapoor
Chairman, HDFC Bank
Sep 12 2009 19:02 PM
It was a delight to observe the BPO work in full swing. What is remarkable is the employment coming to the doorsteps of the local aspirants. My very best wishes.

V.S Das
Executive Director, RBI
Sep 12 2009 19:01 PM
I was very impressed by this innovative idea of providing employment to youngsters in Parthi. I wish this center all the best.

Sreeram Iyer
COO, Standard Chartered Bank
Sep 12 2009 18:58 PM
This is so impressive and carries so much future. Congratualtions!

Anoop Agarwal
Sep 12 2009 18:57 PM
The setup is impressive and is very well catering to providing excellent opportunities to youth community.

Gaurav Zutshi
Sep 12 2009 18:56 PM
What I saw is beyond what I had heard or expected. Top quality work, very focussed and dedicated SAI SEVA team. Will be a privilege to work with you. Jai Sairam

Karpagam Kalyanaraman
Standard Chartered Bank
Sep 12 2009 18:56 PM
Though I have heard a lot about SAI SEVA, seeing SAI SEVA is quite a different experience. I am so happy to see that SAI SEVA is making a difference to the lives of people in rural areas. I think the Management Team is blessed to have a mind to contribute like this.

Radhika Raghavan
Citibank NA
Sep 12 2009 18:55 PM
Very impressed with the progressive and excellent model. I am sure that with some more marketing/contacts, we should be able to get more contracts. God bless, Sairam.

Arvind Thiagarajan
Sep 12 2009 18:53 PM
Excellent work and a great model for Rural upliftment. Hope and pray that this expands to other villages in India also.

Sudhakar Ram
MD, Mastek
Sep 12 2009 18:52 PM
Very well set up. Impressive performance, keep it up!

Santosh Mahalingam
Sr. VP, Standard Chartered Bank
Sep 12 2009 18:52 PM
Very impressive! Professionally managed and at the same time, great focus on social service.

Meera Shenoy
Sep 12 2009 18:51 PM
Best wishes, good to see a successful Rural BPO. All the best.

Col. RB Gupta
Sep 12 2009 18:49 PM
Very novel work. Good for our society. Wish you all the best and all the success.

Samir Bhatia
Barclays Bank
Sep 12 2009 18:49 PM
A great initiative!! Company is very professionally managed and is fulfilling the SEVA aspect as well!

Dr Sridhar Mitta
Sep 12 2009 18:48 PM
It is really incredible to see a real and successful Rural BPO.

Bhavesh Zaveri
Head, Wholesale Operations, HDFC Bank
Sep 12 2009 18:47 PM
Very inspiring and a strong concept of rural self employment taken forward in true earnest. Extremely good social initiative as well a self sustaining commerical structure. All the best.

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