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Account Opening Operations

Our client is India's 2nd largest private bank with apresence in almost every Indian town and city. SAI SEVA was selected as an outsourcing partner and we commenced operations on August 15th, 2007 providing Banking Account Opening data capture and Post-disbursal data capture services.
The Banking Account Opening process handled at SAI SEVA involves dual-level data capture of the account form fields based on images of the account opening forms.
We started processing around 1,000 forms per day and today we have rapidly scaled up to process upto 5,000 forms every day.
While the capture of account opening forms is a standardized process, the unique features of this activity are :
  • Sustained high volume management: We process around 5,000 forms daily in just 14 hours of available processing time, with an average throughput of over 700 forms/hour in a dual-capture model. All forms uploaded for entry have to be completed within the same day and we ensure that we meet this target.
  • High Accuracy of capture: The tolerance level for errors in Banking account data capture is practically zero as the account applicants have already deposited their money with the bank. A single error in a critical address field could lead to something as serious as a fraud or cause a lot of inconvinience to the bank's customers and damage its reputation. We therefore maintain the most stringent quality parameters for captured data and based on the quality feedback provided by our client, our monthly field-level error percentage is just around 0.025 %. We have also developed independant software programs to augment our capabilities to instantly identify and tag errors made by operators so that feedback can be shared immediately.
  • Scalability: One of the main requirements for large companies willing to outsource is scalability. We've demonstrated this by successfully scaling up our operations more than three times over the initial expected volumes, which is a significant achievement as it involves additional infrastructure, training and manpower management.
  • Information Security standards: Banks have the most stringent information security norms. There are very few 3rd party service providers in India who have the capability to deliver banking-related services and still fewer have been granted direct connectivity to their banking clients. SAI SEVA has successfully met our client's infosec requirements in terms of both infrastrucure and process controls and has firmly demonstrated that Rural BPOs are as capable as city-based BPOs when it comes to information security standards.